5 Movie Podcasts you Should be Listening to

For any film fan, movie podcasts are essential for killing time at the office, the gym or while travelling. We count down five podcasts you shouldn't miss.

For any film fan, movie podcasts are essential for enlivening those dull days at work or killing time while travelling or whenever you need hours of free entertainment. The past few years have seen many, many podcasts spring up but we’ve compiled a list of the ones that provide the best insight, discussion and all round entertainment. Each of these shows offer something different and all should be essential listening for film fans. If you have any others we’ve missed, let us know in the comments section below.


Hosted by Chicago-based critics Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larsen, Filmspotting ranks top of the list of movie podcasts. Released on a Friday, the guys pick one new release to cover in a 20-30 minute in-depth review. The range of films discussed is varied, from latest mainstream releases to arthouse and foreign fare.

As well as the main review, the hosts also pick a weekly top five, review a film from their latest movie marathon and on occasion pick a classic film for a ‘sacred cow’ discussion, usually inviting guest Michael Phillips from the Chicago Tribune to join in.

Kempenaar and Larsen are knowledgeable and amiable hosts, offering up comprehensive film discussion that is second-to-none in the world of movie podcasts.

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Brad N’ Laremy on Movies

‘BNL’ doesn’t provide the same level of in depth film discussion as some of the other shows on this list but the show is no less entertaining. Hosted by Rope of Silicon owner Brad Brevett and former Film.com editor Laremy Legel, the show follows a loose format of general discussion, reviews of the latest releases, a run down of home video releases and a number of games provided by users.

The shows big sell is the chemistry between its two hosts and the level of interaction they have with commenters. After listening for a few weeks, it starts to feel more like checking in with two buddies than listening to a podcast.

The discussions that arise are often different to what’s heard elsewhere and the guys are at their most interesting when discussing the daily life of a film critic and website owner while their witty banter makes for an easy listen.

Updated: Since this article was originally posted, Brad N’ Laremy on Movies has come to an end.  


Hosted by tireless podcaster Dave Chen and his regular co-hosts Devindra Hardawar and Adam Quigley, the weekly /Filmcast usually focuses on an in-depth review of a major release and the hosts also discuss the latest movie news and what they’ve been watching that week, which often includes TV as well as film.

Chen is a likeable moderator and the two co-hosts provide very different points of view with the level-headed Hardawar balancing out Quigley’s more foul-mouthed tirades. The regular hosts often invite a guest to join them for their in-depth reviews, whether it be another member of the /Film team or an outside writer, like controversial critical troll Armand White.

Alongside the main podcast, the guys also do an occasional extra review on their After Dark podcast and Dave Chen runs a number of other podcasts, mostly TV related.

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Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews

The BBC’s flagship film programme, Film Reviews provides a rundown of the movies currently in the top 10 at the UK box office and an interview with an actor or producer before jumping into a slew of reviews of the latest releases, some more in depth than others.

There’s a spiky chemistry between the two hosts whose bickering is part of the fun of the show but when it gets down to the reviews, Kermode is an insightful and interesting listen, particularly when he hates a film and his flappy-handed ‘Kermodian rants’ have become legendary.

The show airs live on a Friday afternoon and is then available in podcast form, with a few extra reviews and Mark’s TV movie of the week.

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Having only been around for a year, the Empire podcast is a fairly new addition to the podcast world but it’s always a fun listen. The show is hosted by Chris Hewitt and features a number of Empire writers, usually Helen O’Hara, Phil De Semlyen, Nick De Semlyen and Ali Plumb.

The team generally start with a discussion of the week in movie news, each picking a topic in particular to discuss before moving onto interviews, listener questions and reviews of the week’s main releases.

Being the world’s biggest movie magazine, there are always a host of big-name interviews, some of which get their own hour-long podcast special after the usual weekly pod on a Friday.

The hosts are always good value and their banter often veers into some pretty hilarious territory.

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Honourable Mentions

As well as the shows mentioned above, there are a few others worth checking out. Movie BS with Jeff Bayer and Eric D Snider covers latest releases with a healthy dose of wit and humour, the Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith offers in depth interviews with screenwriters and Filmspotting SVU covers the world of video on-demand reviewing films chosen themselves and by listeners.

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